Saturday, March 26, 2011

This week's oozing with positivity!

today's breakfast: beef tapa, fried rice & eggs, spanish bread, coffee

Hearty breakfast. I really, really appreciate the gift of time because that's priceless. Couple friends whom I've not seen for over three months paid me a visit. They were not able to make it for my housewarming due to work commitment that weekend (booooo! that happens at times) and other things got in, but who cares about that? Finally, they were here! They had a sleep over and this morning I prepared for them a hearty breakfast: homemade beef tapa, fried rice, sunny side up and scrambled eggs, sausage, spanish bread, with coffee on the side and Datu Puti vinegar with spices (not shown in the photo).

Good things come to those who wait. My friends and I are just sooooo happy for our (another) couple friends since they made their announcement that they're expecting a baby! You might think that procreation and motherhood can come in an instant. Theirs was a case of "the wait is over". It's really touching in the sense that we've joined our forces in praying for it, well of course the other part of the work depended on them. I loved the part that their desire to have a baby made them more in love with each other and became more trusting in the will of the One up there. Faith can really move mountains.

To give back without expecting anything in return. Another friend who is getting married this year recently celebrated her birthday. She invited us to a dinner at her house and instead of receiving the normal gifts, she requested from us the basic bathroom supplies and other small (which are actually big for some people) stuff like toothbrush, sanitary napkins, soaps, etc. She thought of giving these to the runaway (overseas Filipino workers) OFWs who are sheltered in the Philippine Embassy - Abu Dhabi Office.

The friends I referred to in this post are all based in the UAE. When I think about it, the more I realize that I/we have a very strong support system, apart from other reasons, that our being away from home is more bearable for us. We may have our ups and downs wherever we are, but isn't it wonderful when the people around us are inspiring enough -- or that we get to inspire each other in our own ways.


Kate said...

great news for all :) Have a wonderful week, Jo!

upto6only said...

That great Jo. more positivism to you again :)

Josiet said...

Drooling over the breakfast set. I soo miss the beef tapa.

Happy Tuesday! =)