Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smiley fruits

(Orange and apple)

Happiness is when you have a pregnant colleague-work pal who shares with you her food. Especially if it's so cheerfully prepared! I hope the baby doesn't mind. (*winks*)


Kate said...

How sweet :)

kassidy's notes said...

this is funny. you posted about fruit; i posted about let's eat na.

Photo Cache said...

makikikain na lang ako sa inyo ni kayni. btw, i'll bring the bottle -----of juice :)

Cza said...

Galing! I'm munching on apples now. :D Sarap! Sakto ang post. :D

mordsith said...

i sooo love it when my office seatmate is pregnant. daming food...all day!!! :)

sleepy said...

sabi-sabi kapag kumakain o nakipagshare ka sa kinakain ng nabubuintis, inaantok ka rin daw?inaantok ka ba?

witsandnuts said...

Kate, I will miss her though. She's only assigned to our office temporarily.

Kayni, I just saw that choco photo. Nakakagutom!

Photo Cache, let's have an online picnic. LOL.

Cza, I also had apple this morning. :)

Mordsith, true! And happy are those na nakikishare (like me!) hahaha.

Sleepy/ Red, I heard about that, too. But so far, I didn't get sleepy after several times of sharing with her food.