Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random cheers

Ola! Yeah, this blog has been quiet. But that doesn't mean that there were no sources of cheer in my life the past weeks. I've been too busy to bite a pandesal everyday. ;) Just to officially log them here, in random order:
  1. I nailed the presentation to my big bosses (they're functionally a group). Until now I can't believe that I'd be that brave to respond to their queries during the presentation. The best part was that I didn't get intimated. Thank God.
  2. Esquires Coffee Shop in Muroor serves rice. Plain rice! And we've tried Mongolian beef and spicy basil beef, both satisfying!
  3. I've upgraded my receiver (box) from e-vision. So, I can watch high definition (HD) channels now + the receiver has a personal video recorder (PVR) utilizing its internal memory. Most of the time, I'm torn between two channels. Hence, I'm not missing the other shows/movies/whatsoever now. Yay for the PVR!
  4. Finished reading Twisted 8 1/2, actually re-read majority of the pages. Finally, I've regained my affair with the books.
That's all for now. I'm watching Six Days Seven Nights (Harrison Ford movie) via Fox Movies while writing this. I've seen a number of movies lately. My subscription to Orbit Showtime Network is super sulit (worth it). Been tuning in to The Filipino Channel (TFC) only for a few series and local news. Let's see if I'd still need it.


kg said...

love your snippets jo! love reading about your day and what makes you smile! and your template is so fresh looking!

i'm suddenly craving for hot pandesal!

redLan said...

Wow bagong blog. I like the blog title. Bagay sa description ng blog na 'to. Not to mention, I like its description, bout gratitude and no nega. perfect!

Sinta said...

Loving the new blog :) Especially the layout. Wish I could just take a bite out of it. Craving hot fresh pandesal now!

Photo Cache said...

there really is a need for a separate venue for one's thoughts and documentation of daily life.

witsandnuts said...

Kg, I just you would say that. I'm happy to be sharing more about my random quirks here.

Redlan, thanks! Spread the positivity!

Sinta, thanks! do you also have pandesal in that side of the globe?

Photo Cache, I agree. My other blog can only take so much, so this one was born. Heehee.