Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheer me up, Kitty!

Hello Kitty case for Blackberry

I'm cool, serious, crazy, glutton, hungry, snobbish, friendly, weird, reasonable --- rolled into one. But in the office, my reputation spells regulation-authority-OMG she's here again-and so = some sort of boring person. Nature of the job, you can tell. I sort of transform depending on the hat I'm wearing.

Anyway, in one incident while I was engaged with the Blackberry, everyone seemed to be weirded out. My imagination even whispered to me that there's a shocking trigger for their giggles. Well, I forgot to take out the Hello Kitty case from the Blackberry which is supposed to be worn during weekends only.

See how influential Hello Kitty is. In a matter of seconds, it changed my reputation. LOL. I think, in a coooool way. :) If they find out about my metallic blue case for the iPhone, they might think I'm too old to be a rockstar wannabe.


kassidy's notes said...

i need a hello kitty cheer today. thanks for letting me know about your new blog. i'm following.

witsandnuts said...

Thanks, Kayni. And of course, I know how much you like Hello Kitty. :)