Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Happiness is when you are able to make someone’s life easy by letting him/her realize that Geometry is fun.

Explaining 8 lessons in a non-conventional way, using almost everything that surround us on a daily basis as illustrations in understanding polygons, pi (π) (yeah, the 3.14159265 value) and other computations, identification of angles the simplest means without the aid of the protractor, prisms, and more.

I’m happy because I made someone’s life easy and took all the fears of Geometry.

And I thought that I didn’t like Math when I was younger.

I love how life bounces at us to make us realize the infinite possibilities.

I think that taking someone's fear without expecting anything in return would be a good part-time "job".


Anonymous said...

one of the reasons i wanted to be a teacher. :) i loved Geometry most but hated Trigonometry. Science was my first love but Maths came in second. :)

mordsith said...

I should have met you when I was still in school! hehe. =)

witsandnuts said...

Bursky, Trigonometry is painful!

Mordsith, but the student in me really thought I disliked Geometry in the old days. ;)