Friday, November 18, 2011


Hello everyone! Yeah, I'm still alive and I'm picking up through this cold November air. *Embraces the winter in the UAE*

What with this post's title? As Winello reached his peak of manhood, we got a new kittycat and we named her Perdita (you may pronounce it as "purrr-dee-ta" or "per-di-taah". Why Perdita? Taken from one of the characters in William Shakespeare's play A Winter's Tale and based on the name of inner satellite of Uranus because our new kitten's eyes are shaped like a beaming satellite! She's amazing and so cute. However, we're still dealing with 'siblings... errr, cat rivalry' because Winello seems jealous.

Breaking Dawn. I know I'm over my Twilight addiction, but I think being a Twi-hard will be in my veins forever. Like a first crush, it dies but is never forgotten heehee. This morning I learned that Breaking Dawn (last of the four film adaptations; well, the fourth book's adaptation had to be split in two parts to properly showcase the story's details) is already in the UAE cinemas and we watched pronto! Funny and heartwarming is that some people randomly remembered me for anything Twilight. Heehee. Oh, the teeeeny prestige of being an old fanatic! I'm not embarrassed, anyway. I'll always be proud that once in my life I wanted to be a vegetarian vampire and that a wolf would imprint on me. Hahahaha.

Concert marathon. I've been to Britney Spears', Incubus', The Cult's and Sir Paul McCartney's concerts as part of the F1 after-race concerts. I have tons of stories and photos to share. That will be in my primary blog.

Got Talent! We had our own version of Got Talent in the office as part of our annual retreat. No, I was not one of the performers but maybe I should try next time because of the generous prizes heeheehee. But I was so scared that I'd win the Most Workaholic award through a poll. I'm glad I didn't win. Other awards, to name a few, were Most Distinct Laugh, Biggest Fan (of the company), etc.

Wow, I did miss blogging a lot!