Monday, July 25, 2011

It's amazing when...

It's amazing how simple words of appreciation (not that I am kulang sa pansin) at work can take out all the hardships and eyebags. (*wink*)

It's more amazing when you come to a happy home at the end of the day; the stress at work won't matter at all.

It's most amazing when we sleep peacefully with a big smile painted on our face because we know we did the best that we can (at work, at home, taking care of relationships) without expecting in return.

It's ultra amazing when we know what really matters in life. :)

PS. If you are looking for another fun and feel good reading, Winello the Cat's blog can paint a big smile inside your heart.  Yes, he's my charming kittycat.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Because it's my birth month

I'm extra happy because it's my birth month. I turned a year older and happier!

More sources of happiness:
  • One of my closest friends in Abu Dhabi has given birth. The baby girl is so pretty! It's amazing to finally have met the baby whom I was speaking to practically almost everyday during workweek. I remember my friend telling me that the baby would kick when she would hear me speaking to her. 
  • I came up with a new version of chicken adobo and my diners told me that that's the best chicken adobo they've tasted! Naks! I know they were telling the truth. I couldn't believe that I actually cooked that. I hope that was not tsamba and I can still replicate that. :)
  • We watched the last installment of Harry Potter and Cars 2 (like watching grand prix).
  • And more!

Monday, July 11, 2011

It felt good that I held the spatula again

Time has been running crazily lately and it proved over and again that if there's a will, we'll find a minute.

Last weekend, just when I have a long(er) list of things to do, it felt liberating to forget my takehome work and savour the overnight stay in Yas Rotana Hotel. I was a nerdy to have brought a laptop with me, which only sat in the room. We spent most of the time swimming, chatting, laughing and eating.

And for today? I'm more than glad that I was able to bake kiddie cupcakes again (after several months) after cooking dinner. Little J started attending the summer camp yesterday and she will bring the cupcakes tomorrow (assuming few pieces will be left tonight) . It's amazing how we don't get tired when we do things for people we love. And I, of course, feel like a superwoman when the tiny efforts are appreciated.

I am really the biggest fan of gift of time.