Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Because it's my birth month

I'm extra happy because it's my birth month. I turned a year older and happier!

More sources of happiness:
  • One of my closest friends in Abu Dhabi has given birth. The baby girl is so pretty! It's amazing to finally have met the baby whom I was speaking to practically almost everyday during workweek. I remember my friend telling me that the baby would kick when she would hear me speaking to her. 
  • I came up with a new version of chicken adobo and my diners told me that that's the best chicken adobo they've tasted! Naks! I know they were telling the truth. I couldn't believe that I actually cooked that. I hope that was not tsamba and I can still replicate that. :)
  • We watched the last installment of Harry Potter and Cars 2 (like watching grand prix).
  • And more!


Kate said...

What a wonderful month so far, Jo :) I wish you more blessings and happy moments!

Kero said...

Happy, happy Birthday! I remember you spent last year's at a revolving restaurant. I'm excited to know saan ngayon. You keep introducing new places to visit =)

I am a chicken and cuck adobo girl hehe. Hope you will find time to share the recipe =)

Josiet said...

Belated Happy birthday Wits!

I was itching to watch Harry Potter in Manila. Kaso wala kaming mapag iwanan kay EJ hehe.