Monday, July 11, 2011

It felt good that I held the spatula again

Time has been running crazily lately and it proved over and again that if there's a will, we'll find a minute.

Last weekend, just when I have a long(er) list of things to do, it felt liberating to forget my takehome work and savour the overnight stay in Yas Rotana Hotel. I was a nerdy to have brought a laptop with me, which only sat in the room. We spent most of the time swimming, chatting, laughing and eating.

And for today? I'm more than glad that I was able to bake kiddie cupcakes again (after several months) after cooking dinner. Little J started attending the summer camp yesterday and she will bring the cupcakes tomorrow (assuming few pieces will be left tonight) . It's amazing how we don't get tired when we do things for people we love. And I, of course, feel like a superwoman when the tiny efforts are appreciated.

I am really the biggest fan of gift of time.


kassidy's notes said...

well said...time is a gift especially time spent with the people we love.

Angeli said...

i read the other post about Yas Rotana Hotel. i think i prefer this one. it's more personal. it says more about you than the hotel.

but then that's just me. :)

Kate said...

glad you had fun :) Can I have some cupcakes please? Hehe