Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matutuwa ba ako o hindi?

Kailangan ko muna mag tagalog ngayon.

Kasi naman, sabi ng boss ko ni-google nya ang pangalan ko at nalaman nya sa pamamagitan ng isang link na may blog ako.

At nabasa nya ang blog ko!

Waaaaaah! O... hahahahhaha! (?)

Grabe, tawa talaga ako ng tawa (na parang naiiyak sa isip ko) dahil may bagong tagasubaybay ng blog ko... at boss ko pa.

Pahingi nga ng tubig, hindi ako makahinga. Hahahahaha!

At nang mahimasmasan na ako, heto ang naisip ko.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This week's wrapping up very merrily

  • The credit card company temporarily blocked my access (until they spoke to me) because "there were charges to it, like charging a storm". Apparently, I rarely use my card unless I need to do bookings online, regular bills payment, etc. It's a matter of choice in order to avoid/minimize debts. Anyway, I charged up a "storm" because in a day, I did all the necessary bookings for a couple of trips which are happening at different quarters of this year. The good news was that the credit card company sent me vouchers worth almost P6,000 to be spent on furniture and lifestyle shoppes. Incidentally, I qualified for a promotion because of the amount of charges. Hahahahaha. Kita mo nga naman, perfect timing sa promotion.
  • We got the buy 1, take 1 tickets to the Formula One (Abu Dhabi prix) this year. It's discounted + take 1 ticket pa. Yeheeeeeey! Thanks to a friend who helped me with this deal. I can't wait to know who are performing for the three-night after race concerts. Last year, we had the time of our lives appreciating the music of Kanye West, Linkin Park, and Prince
  • And of course, Scotty McCreery won American Idol (AI)! I love Casey Abrams and when he was eliminated, I hanged on to following AI because Scotty was still there. I know the criticisms about him, but I still like him. He has the charisma and I feel better when I listen to him. In case you don't know, I'm his number 1 fan in Abu Dhabi! Heeheee.
  • I was able to teach new trick to Winello, our charming kitten. When I will look at his eyes and say "sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeep....", he would obey as he realizes that it was time to sleep. But there was one time that I fell asleep earlier than him (and I was seated-sleep) as I was repeating the magic word and people at home was laughing at me and was chanting "wake up, wake up, wake up!" Hahahaha.
Work is getting crazier, as usual. But sources of cheer are flourishing! What a balance eh? I wish all of you the same. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The happy home and delicious tinola

What matters most

Yesterday I really had a bad day in the office, which happens only once in a blue moon. As I reached home and it was probably so obvious, even without the tantrums and pouting, little J (my daughter) said, "You feel bad, huh? But that's nothing! What's more important is that you're now home. And this is a happy home! Everyday you come to a happy home." Imagine her almost dancing while saying that.

"And today is your lucky day... because Ate (our kasambahay/helper) found malunggay leaves so we have more delicious tinola (chicken ginger stew with vegetables) for dinner!", she added.

Wow, I really got no reason to feel bad at all. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scotty and Winello

Just a shout out that I'm extremely busy nowadays but I'm happy because I'm still able to keep a balanced life. And I hope that you all do, too. :)

I'm especially happy that Scotty McCreery made it to top 3 of American Idol. Although I hoped that James Durbin would emerge as the ultimate winner because he seemed to need it more for his family and of course, he is more deserving. Yeah, that's me trying to be objective. I absolutely like Scotty (I'm his number 1 fan in Abu Dhabi heeehee) but James is more talented.

I'm also happy and it's making a big change in our lives because we adopted a pet cat. His name is Winello. A combination of "winner" and "hello". We wanted it to sound cheerful and optimistic, eh. You can see his photos and read more about him here.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The vampire strikes again

I am just so happy that I finally found the time to catch up with Vampire Diaries Season 2. Thanks to my friends for the download supply. Just to mention, I was a Twilight fanatic, I still am. But I am so much "tamed" now. It is not that I had a lot of time yesterday, but I just really, really felt the need to marathon seven episodes (14th to 20th). So I finished at 2am! Sabi nga nila, hindi baleng malaki ang eyebags. Masaya (at weekend) naman! Hahahaha. (It does not matter if I am sleep deprived and has terrible eyebags, at least I am happy and it is a weekend, anyway!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Can you lend me your ears?

I was extremely busy this Monday morning when a colleague approached me and said," Can I share something? I don't know if I should share this to you. But I really need to speak to someone. I know you're busy, but can you lend me your ears?"

"Sure", I said.

Without giving the other details, she cried, I got teary eyed. I held back because I had to be strong enough as a listener. Besides, I don't want to be red-eyed after that. LOL. Well, I have those eyes which are hard to tame after shedding a tear or two. So, I listened.

And I said my piece and hugged her.

It's amazing how that few minutes of genuine listening lifted a burden.

What if I said no and paid more attention to my tasks?

She was so grateful. But as I go to sleep tonight, I realized that I am more grateful. I will bring this happier feeling of being trusted.

As they say, there are few triggers that can equal a good book, a good walk, a good hug, or a good friend. And these come for free.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Come what May*

Old school... at my hometown's municipality (december 2010)

*Alright, the title of the post is just my way of saying goodbye to the wonderful month of April. It's now 1st of May, time flies! Cheesy, I know. But let it be like that.

I checked some old photos from my phone and saw this old school typewriter. I took this when we visited my hometown's municipality in December 2010. It's a happy feeling to see old school stuff, isn't it?

One day the iPad will also be one of the so called old school gadgets. So, hold on to whatever you have. It doesn't really matter how pricey or remarkable it is, the fact that it's so hard to part ways with your stuff is one of the measures of its value. Which reminded me that I loved my Olympia typewriter and Kodak film camera which were gifted by my father when I was in highschool. Add to that my super cheap brick game and cassette tapes which I got just because they were part of some promos.

Maybe it's time to check and rekindle our love for old (and existing) stuff that we already have. It will save us some money and gain more memories.