Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scotty and Winello

Just a shout out that I'm extremely busy nowadays but I'm happy because I'm still able to keep a balanced life. And I hope that you all do, too. :)

I'm especially happy that Scotty McCreery made it to top 3 of American Idol. Although I hoped that James Durbin would emerge as the ultimate winner because he seemed to need it more for his family and of course, he is more deserving. Yeah, that's me trying to be objective. I absolutely like Scotty (I'm his number 1 fan in Abu Dhabi heeehee) but James is more talented.

I'm also happy and it's making a big change in our lives because we adopted a pet cat. His name is Winello. A combination of "winner" and "hello". We wanted it to sound cheerful and optimistic, eh. You can see his photos and read more about him here.


kg said...

i was surprised to see james go. i would have wanted haley to go...he he! di naman ako masyado nanonood pero may opinion ako diba? he he!

Josiet said...

I love Winnello! That's a nice name.

I, too, was saddened when I read that James did not make it to top 3. You're right about him needing/wanting it more than anyone else. I can see the determination and the passion in his eyes whenever he performs. I liked him.

On the other hand, I am ecstatic Scotty is in the top 3! I love him na talaga. LOL!

Can I make a fearless forecast? Scotty is in it to win it. LOL!

If you're the biggest fan of Scotty in Abu Dhabi, I am the biggest fan here in Cambodia. LOL!

Happy Monday Wits!

witsandnuts said...

Thanks! The veterinarian told us that Winello is a unique name for a pet.

Although I'm no biggie James fan, I cried during the elimination. Especially when he said that he gave his all each time he performed because he wanted to be "there". That clip of his video chat with his wife and kid added to my tears. On a lighter note, I love your fearless forecast! I think that it would either be Scotty or Lauren. :) Exciting!

Angeli said...

nagulat nga ako nung natanggal si james last time. i thought he'd be in the top 2 with scotty or lauren.

Photo Cache said...

being a james fan, i was really shocked that he'd go soon. although i pretty much knew that he wouldn't win.

california doesn't support their talents, unlike the people in the south. both lauren and scotty are from the south and the southern region has a track record of voting heavily in their contestants bid for ai. look back and see how many winners are from the south.

yes please join the cats on tuesday meme, it's a fun place to showcase your adorable furbaby.

witsandnuts said...

Angeli, the big day is near. I'm excited!

Photo Cache, I agree with your observation about the share of following for Lauren and Scotty. James is so talented and so is Casey, opportunities will seize them.

I'll try to join the cats meme. :)