Thursday, May 26, 2011

This week's wrapping up very merrily

  • The credit card company temporarily blocked my access (until they spoke to me) because "there were charges to it, like charging a storm". Apparently, I rarely use my card unless I need to do bookings online, regular bills payment, etc. It's a matter of choice in order to avoid/minimize debts. Anyway, I charged up a "storm" because in a day, I did all the necessary bookings for a couple of trips which are happening at different quarters of this year. The good news was that the credit card company sent me vouchers worth almost P6,000 to be spent on furniture and lifestyle shoppes. Incidentally, I qualified for a promotion because of the amount of charges. Hahahahaha. Kita mo nga naman, perfect timing sa promotion.
  • We got the buy 1, take 1 tickets to the Formula One (Abu Dhabi prix) this year. It's discounted + take 1 ticket pa. Yeheeeeeey! Thanks to a friend who helped me with this deal. I can't wait to know who are performing for the three-night after race concerts. Last year, we had the time of our lives appreciating the music of Kanye West, Linkin Park, and Prince
  • And of course, Scotty McCreery won American Idol (AI)! I love Casey Abrams and when he was eliminated, I hanged on to following AI because Scotty was still there. I know the criticisms about him, but I still like him. He has the charisma and I feel better when I listen to him. In case you don't know, I'm his number 1 fan in Abu Dhabi! Heeheee.
  • I was able to teach new trick to Winello, our charming kitten. When I will look at his eyes and say "sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeep....", he would obey as he realizes that it was time to sleep. But there was one time that I fell asleep earlier than him (and I was seated-sleep) as I was repeating the magic word and people at home was laughing at me and was chanting "wake up, wake up, wake up!" Hahahaha.
Work is getting crazier, as usual. But sources of cheer are flourishing! What a balance eh? I wish all of you the same. :)


kg said...

wow! formula 1? lucky you! ang saya nun!

Photo Cache said...

I was beating myself up because I missed the finals - where Lauren and Scotty sang songs. I was away and didn't realize that it was happening on the same night. I failed to record it. How did they do?

I watched the results show and it was fine, I thought.

Oh so where are you traveling soon?

Cza said...

I like Scotty too! :D He seems genuinely nice talaga :)

Josiet said...

My week ended well too. One of the reason is Scotty winning the AI. Hahaha!!!

Ang saya ng F1 dyan kase dami international artist. Nun sa Malaysia wala masyado kaya I wasn't interested much to buy a ticket =)

Happy weekend!

witsandnuts said...

KG, excited na ako. Pero sa November pa yun hehehe.

Photo Cache, same here! I missed the performance night. Nagcatch up lang ako via You Tube. Although team Scotty ako, I think Lauren performed better that night. We would be traveling within UAE and the other trip was part of our vacation in the Philippines this year.

Cza, I think he's especially appealing because of his humility. :)

Josiet, we won! Hahahahaha. Grabe, panay ang research ko about Scotty during weekends. Btw, nagulat ako sa pag-kiss nila sa lips ni Lauren.