Sunday, May 1, 2011

Come what May*

Old school... at my hometown's municipality (december 2010)

*Alright, the title of the post is just my way of saying goodbye to the wonderful month of April. It's now 1st of May, time flies! Cheesy, I know. But let it be like that.

I checked some old photos from my phone and saw this old school typewriter. I took this when we visited my hometown's municipality in December 2010. It's a happy feeling to see old school stuff, isn't it?

One day the iPad will also be one of the so called old school gadgets. So, hold on to whatever you have. It doesn't really matter how pricey or remarkable it is, the fact that it's so hard to part ways with your stuff is one of the measures of its value. Which reminded me that I loved my Olympia typewriter and Kodak film camera which were gifted by my father when I was in highschool. Add to that my super cheap brick game and cassette tapes which I got just because they were part of some promos.

Maybe it's time to check and rekindle our love for old (and existing) stuff that we already have. It will save us some money and gain more memories.


kg said...

haay, grabe jo! tapos na naman ang april. i can still remember welcoming april with such excitement kasi birth month yun ni wendy. ngayon tapos na! bilis!

Kate said...

I used to bring a small typewriter with me when I was in grade school... Pag cramming on book reports and other stuff. Haha. Those were the days. Funny that beepers/pagers and phones with rotary dialers seem so old.

Photo Cache said...

and speaking of rekindling love affair with the oldies. my husband and i were thinking about using his old slr film camera again, except that we don't know where we can buy rolls of films anymore :)

witsandnuts said...

KG, same pala ang birth month ni Wendy with at least five of my relatives. :)

Kate, the last time I've gotten up close to an antique phone with rotary dialer was during my visit to the late Renato Constantino's house. I was still in college. Btw, your wedding is so near na!

Photo Cache, I want to try using a film camera again but I have the same problem. It's not feasible in the UAE.