Friday, April 29, 2011

The happy royal couple + the annoyed flower girl

nairita na si flower girl
(You thought everyone's happy about the royal couple's first kiss? Nooooo!)

It was a happy feeling seeing two people so in love with each other.

We'll probably see a lot of beautiful and "kilig" photos of the newly weds. But I liked the candidness of this one, not only because it captured Kate's and William's first kiss at the balcony, but the flower girl who seemed so annoyed and impatient was too cute! I liked that she didn't care that she's actually now a part of a historical and fairy tale-like wedding; she reminded me of the genuineness of a young heart, the impatience over a long wait. I'm sure that she'll giggle over this photo sooner or later. I've got tons of childhood (and even grown-up) photos with that face. :)


Josiet said...

I did not see this kiss on the balcony because EJ decided he wants to go to the toilet. Acckk!

That little girl is so adorable hehehe.

Grace de Castro said...

he he! funny!

nice catch wits!

witsandnuts said...

Heeehee, the little girl is Prince William's goddaughter pala.

I am so back said...

Napansin ko rin yan. I agree, matutuwa siya sa kanyang sarili kapag makita niya yan in the future. hehehe