Friday, April 1, 2011

The Weekend, Scotty and Casey

There's something about the nearing of weekend that excites everyone as if it's happening for the first time; then we dislike it whenever the first day of the workweek is approaching as if we're not used to it, huh! Anyway, I'm just so happy that it's weekend already (note that we have Friday & Saturday as UAE's weekend). I felt that the concluded workweek was jampacked of workloads and other things. That's the beauty of a weekend, it gives us a break and we always have something to look forward to on a regular basis.

On new things that I look forward to:
  1. Scotty McCreery's and Casey Abrams' performances in American Idol. I know that Scotty won't be the ultimate winner but he's definitely going to make it big sooner or later. He's too young to be my crush (LOL), but seriously, I'd buy his album as soon as it comes out. His country tone is soooo pleasing to the ears (and the looks, too) and I like that whenever he introduces his own version, he makes it really his own. As for Casey, I'm now a fan! After a number of performances, he has proven that he's really an artist (as if I'm an artist who knows how to discern my kind, hahaha!), can survive any song, and unique! Recently, he sung Elton John's "Your Song" very genuinely. I'm surprised that without his usual banging and squiggling, he can be really captivating by being "quiet" this time. I can't get over it that I taped it through my TV's personal video recorder + I recorded it to my handyphone in HD format so I can bring that particular performance and listen to it anytime I want. (Yeah, that's addiction.) It's sad though that our very own Thia Megia has been eliminated. At a tender age, she has exuded remarkable ability. She has a bright future.
  2. To use the Dreamy Diana Lens with the SLR. I need to find time next weekend to test it.
  3. Tomorrow's photo walk with my Iggy sisters. How cool is it that we are going to release our shutter bug the same day?!
Have a balanced weekend everyone!


kg said...

thia sings beautifully but can get boring at times. :)

good luck with your photowalk!

Angeli said...

i'm a fan of casey abrams, too. he's crazy kasi. hahah... the night he almost got eliminated was so dramatic. i couldn't believe what i was watching.

Josiet said...

Hey, you'll never know. Scotty might just become the next AI Idol. Hahaha!!! Spoken like a true fan. Go Scotty!

Photo Cache said...

I would love to go on a photo walk with fellow bloggers. I just don't know any personally around my area :)

witsandnuts said...

KG and Photo Cache, my photowalk with Iggy sisters was fun. That was all of us doing our own walk at different sides of the globe. :)

Angeli, no more Casey Abrams. Hindi pa rin ako maka get over. Huhuhu.

Josiet, I lost interest in watching AI when Casey was eliminated recently. Buti na lang andyan pa si Scotty. LOL.