Monday, March 14, 2011


I don't have any family member who's based anywhere in Japan, but I have a blogger pal whom I really consider a real pal though we've not seen each other face to face and she hardly knows specific details about my personal life. But that didn't take out my worries when I heard about the catastrophe (earthquake and tsunami) in Japan, especially that the eye of the disaster was near her residence. Finally, she replied to my email this morning and I'm so relieved to have "heard" from her that she and her family are sound and safe, including her son who's still an infant. Thank God! Incidentally, they are in Manila right now. We can only say enough about being at the right place and at the right time. But no one can really question God's own ways.

Anyway, I felt really inspired by the tweets from Japan which were said to have been tweeted in the midst of the life blowing quake. Thanks to Grace of Sandier Pastures for sharing those tweets. This got to be the most striking for me:

This earthquake has reminded me that Japanese goodness that had recently become harder and harder to see still exists. Today I see no crime or looting; I am reminded once again of the good Japanese spirit of helping one another, of propriety, and of gentleness. I had recently begun to regard my modern countrymen as cold people … but this earthquake has revived and given back to all of us the spirit of “kizuna” (bond, trust, sharing, the human connection). I am very touched. I am brought to tears. (

More inspiring tweets here.


Kate said...

That is amazing. I love how they are handling this. Everybody is out to help and not to take advantage. Hope they find more survivors though :(

kg said...

that is a heartwarming tweet. i hope japan will rise from this ASAP.

wala kasi akong twitter kaya wala ako nababasa mga ganyan!

cpsanti said...

hugs jo! ;-) thanks so much for thinking of us!