Monday, December 3, 2012

Feast for my eyes

It's been a long time since I had my lazy days... yes, I just had it. Thanks to the long weekend courtesy of the UAE National Day celebrations. Anyway, I'm glad that I've been productive when it comes to watching films that I wanted to catch a long time like The Help (it made me teary eyed and be more appreciate of the house helpers), 10 years (it's a sort of highschool reunion film, fun watch and unpretentious; makes me want to research about the "Never Had" song), etc.

And just when I'm saying goodbye to the long weekend already, I just found myself reaching for the Eraserheads Reunion concert dvd. There I go, I was transported to some of the best and not so good moments of my highschool and college years. I don't know, Eraserheads can really speak so much to me in so many ways. But overall, they can instantly cheer me up.

I'm happy to have had dedicated the long weekend to the people and stuff that really matter in life. It gave me the push and glow that I need to face the coming (tough) weeks ahead. :)

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