Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paper dolls

Multi-racial dolls, Penang Toy Museum
(More photos here)

I was sorting photos from our visit in Penang Toy Museum and this photo of group of dolls made me realize that I never had a real Barbie doll until now. My parents and grandparents , even if I am a favorite apo (grandchild), did not buy one for me although most of the young girls had it. They claimed that it is expensive and they would rather buy me Goya chocolates. I did recollect from my cousin that it was the same in her case. However, she bought a Barbie for herself when she started earning on her own.

It is nice to look back at those times including the little rarity in our upbringing. But it did not make us feel less. We actually thought that we were unique and special that we were making our own dolls --- the paper dolls. Of course, we got to "sew" (draw) the paper dresses as well.

Happy times.


kg said...

i remember during our time, when you say barbie, barbie talaga. ngayon may "barbie" na 100 pesos lang sa divi! Haha!

Josiet said...

I did not have Barbie while growing up as well. I just played wit hand me down toys from my brothers which are of course cars. LOL!