Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seeing Gimik is like....

... being reunited with my no longer existent favorite chocolate
... meeting the memories of my old journal
and nothing but a nice feeling.

Hey! I'm still alive. Let's not talk about work but I'm really happy that I finally got a breather at least today. I had the chance to surf channels and I'm lucky.... because I did catch a re-run of Gimik via Cinema One Global  today (I think it's not being aired in the Philippines but only for TFC subscribers). Well, part of my teen life used to look forward to watching Gimik aka Beverly Hills 90210 during weekends. Seeing the late Rico Yan and the cast triggered me to stretch that kind of once young smile (ehem, the kind that like I was being tickled!). How I wish I kept my journal wherein I maintained a digest of the weekly episodes hahaha.

Another reason to say Thank God It's Saturday (TGIS) which by the way was the program title of main competitor of Gimik series. In case you're in for the reminiscing, Gimik re-run is every Saturday. :)


kg said...

oh my! gimik? hehe! yes, yan ang uso dati. i love the way you described the feeling. nothing like these "old" stuff to bring us back to our childhood. :)

Photo Cache said...

i'm older than you so my "gimik" was that's entertainment :)

mordsith said...

Naku nung high school ako, kapag Saturday ayaw ko umalis ng bahay. Baka kasi ma-miss ko yung Gimik. :)