Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crowning glory

I've finally visited my favorite salon in Abu Dhabi to get a haircut. Let's just say that I do my visits on an annual basis, hahahaha, yes, you heard it right, because haircuts and treatments here in the UAE cost a fortune. I'm thankful that I'm low maintenance. When I go home for vacation, that's the time I get to pamper myself. What's ironic is when I was still a peso earner, I frequently pampered myself. It only means that salon charges in this part of the world are really expensive and I'm nagkukuripot (spendthrift)! Why not? I need to find a balance because I'm gastador (extravagant) in the more important things (this one's subjective, it depends on the mind of the spender). Buti na lang mura lang ang shampoo, conditioner, at suklay.

But seriously, there's something liberating about getting a haircut. Yung feeling na ang ganda ganda natin pagkalabas ng salon. Yun nga lang back to being not so pretty na uli the next day pag naliguan na yung buhok. Kase wala na ang magic ng blower. That's what you call "the morning after". That's why today, I didn't wet my hair while taking shower. Tutal nashampoo naman sya sa salon kagabi (defensive?). Parang ma-delay ang morning after. Hahahaha.


kg said...

ako naman wits, even if i'm here, i rarely go to the salon! and yes, agree ako, paglabas mo feeling beauty ka...pero pag niligo mo na yung blow-dried hair mo, ayun, wala na ang magic! he he!

Josiet said...

Ako din, I am low maintenance when it comes to my hair. My friends go to a salon twice a week for a shampoo and blow dry. And every other month for treatment. Ako, shampoo and conditioner lang sa bahay hehehe. And then haircut lang when I want a new look.

Photo Cache said...

I cannot remember the last time I went for a haircut. Mahal din kc dito yang haircut eh.

So what I do when I need a little trim, I ask my hubby to cut it for me. Kuripot kami pareho. :)

Anonymous said...

i actually feel (slightly) the opposite when i get a haircut! i feel naked and vulnerable! haha! but i've heard this from everyone abroad nga. na 'luho' ang magpa-salon.

my cousin who works in spain tried to learn how to cut her own hair just to save some money samantalang dati, she used to frequent the local 'beauty parlor' ^_^

aside: just curious, what's the pic you used for the background? it looks nice! your ancestral house?

I am so back said...

Ang sabihin mo kamo hindi highly maintenance ang hair mo at maganda siya at ikaw. hehehe

witsandnuts said...

KG and Josiet, it's a blessing to be low maintenance!

Photo Cache, nung nasa college na ako nagupitan sa salon/parlor. Palaging kapamilya lang ang naggugupit ng buhay ko dati. :)

Bursky, the photo used in this blog's layout is from's template. Not exactly like our ancestral house but looks appealing to me. :)

I am so back, yes, not high maintenance and it so happens na once a day lang ako nagsusuklay hahaha!